Iar fata aceea, iata,
Se uita la mine cu sufletul...
Nu, draga, nu te deranja sa ma iubesti.
O cafea neagra voi servi, totusi
Din mana ta.
Imi place ca tu stii s-o faci
(Marin Sorescu)

vineri, 9 mai 2014


Scrisoare catre Blizzard...

Let me tell you something. I purchased your game (Starcraft II) as a thanks for your nice work. But this kind of thank you changed into trouble for me.

I've got my account locked for no real reason (just a normal computer upgrade - not even my IP was changed).

Now for ANY kind of ticket for support you want my to login into the locked acount! Seriously? What kind of moron ask that?

And you ask personal informations for unlock account. Just because I bought something from you give you the right to have my personal information? Really? Should not be the other way around? I gave you the money, I should be the on receiving part.

And you want some name from me? I do not remember wich name i gave, your initial feedback mail did not contain minimal account details to remember me.

And you want my phone number? Really? What for? Do not tell me security because that will only mean that you do not think to much...

I can give you an email account and the activation code. This is more than enough!

You failed me Blizzard...

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