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joi, 17 martie 2016

Yamaha RX-V679 review


I needed a decent sound for bedroom using NAS stored music. No small all-in-one did it for me (either sound or network capabilities were awful). So I’ve updated (replaced) my Denon with Yamaha RX-V679.

Bellow I’ll be not talking about sound, only about “other stuff”. Who wants only sound should definitely not be looking here.

After about 5 hours of… it.

Wrong at conception level:

1. Too many settings (almost all) need a TV / monitor connected, and not just anyone but a HDMI capable one. I have a very decent to almost awesome monitor, perfect functioning, but only DVI and VGA input. I do not find wise to change a good working monitor just for a music player device who was not cheap at all. (later edit: found after firmware update and a few restarts the webpage administration - I think all config are there also)

2. If you are using a non-HDMI monitor / TV than you have no way to change resolution – and that device will shut down after about 30 sec (using a HDMI to DVI adaptor). HDMI to VGA adaptor not working at all. So you have about 30 second window to quickly do what you need and off you go.

3. No control from PC (although I’ve found somewhere on internet that it would be existing a - small - webpage with few functions, anyway… not working if it exists). (later edit: after firmware update and a few restarts is working)

4. It is impossible to change trough all input sources using front panel (you can choose from front panel about 4 sources – and digital coaxial input is not one of them). (later update: found it, there is a pair of left-wright keys that are changing trough all input sources)

5. It is impossible to use digital input only for zone 2 (you can have digital sound only if you synchronize it with main zone).

6. You are able to activate zone 2 but it won’t work by default. You get a confusing and very intriguing message “volume fixed”. Why not plain simple: “disable bi-amp”? Or why the thing is not doing that since you clearly chose to use zone 2?! You should read a lot of stuff on manual or on internet to find a strange configuration for bi-amp that is denying zone 2. Bi-amp should be off by default (because a. it has definitely less users and b. who is using this will certainly look for his setup) and / or (again) zone 2 activation should by default make change in bi-amp status.

7. USB connectivity ad a series of app control features are only for (Apple brain-washed) full iOS users.

8. Bluetooth security (peering code) is absent, any near passer-by can connect, you have no way to enforce it – only choice is to stop Bluetooth (TV / monitor with HDMI needed again for each on / off…);

9. At DSP level you have to choose from 2.0 or 7.1. No 2.1. (later edit: depending on the app you are using for control)

10. No power button that shut down the whole machine. Power button only affect zone 1.

11. USB input only from FAT32 (or FAT 16 J!) formatted… USB. Who (…) is still using that format?

What was working:

1. WSP wireless connection (I really was surprised);

2. Bluetooth connection (for anybody L !).

What was not working:
1. Network cable connection(!);

2. Firmware check on apps: they were constantly false informing that the latest firmware is installed (obviously, was not);

3. MusicCast not connecting. At all. Connect button was only doing his other function.

4. Somewhere on the web I found that for PC it is a webpage with few functions – if it is, not functioning;

5. No Internet Radio available;

6. In party mode only DSP 7.1 available – horrible empty sound on 2.1 system.

7. Wireless setting info migration from phone to device – as some reviews describe it. It might be working – again – only for Apple phones.

After firmware update (before this point I was ready to pack it up and send it back):

1. MusicCast is working (yay!);

2. Party mode more customizable (yay!);

3. Internet Radio available (yay!).

I was expecting something a lot different from Yamaha, for an adult product (his successor is just about to be released). 

Later edit:
After a few restarts (for Yamaha and router) the webpage administration came to live. And it seems to have almost – if not all – functions available.
Also, I have found on front panel a button to walk through all input sources.

And a big no-no for Yamaha. I put this review on their site. And… they are not showing it. They are filtering bad reviews… For this kind of lies I think about returning the device. I do not like the idea that some of my money goes to a company that lie on daily basis, as a work procedure.

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