Iar fata aceea, iata,
Se uita la mine cu sufletul...
Nu, draga, nu te deranja sa ma iubesti.
O cafea neagra voi servi, totusi
Din mana ta.
Imi place ca tu stii s-o faci
(Marin Sorescu)

marți, 2 februarie 2010

cu specialistii la plimbare

Brain Health Tip

A new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health shows that the education and income level of your spouse are very important indicators of your mortality, independent of your own education and income level.

The study found that men married to well-educated women had longer lifespans, all else equal. The researchers suggest that the cause of this might be related to the sharing of information that occurs in close relationships. Well-educated people tend to be better able to take advantage of knowledge about healthy behaviors.

And the critical indicator for a wife's longevity? Her husband's income level or social class.

So if you want to live longer, marry a smart woman or a wealthy man!


titlul articolului e gresit. cel corect ar fi:

s'a aflat de ce traiesc barbatii atat de putin!


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  1. :) Asculta asta :)

  2. ..."open the door, you find her husband home"...
    da! femeile sunt inteligente fac viata intr'adevar... frumoasa! (a tuturor)


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